Wednesday, 26 March 2014

KATE gel eye liner

We haven't been updated since last week.So, We're going to share KATE gel eye liner.
Available in brown and black color in myanmar. We have been using this for 4 months. i like these product than other.Some product are not suit for me .When i go outside for shopping or sunny places or school i prefer brown color because it's give me natural look .Black eyeliner is my favourite all the time.

As you can see BR-1 is for brown color & BK-1 is for black color . 
all the rest are japanese .
The brown color have a little bit glitter . (natural color)
The dark color is pure black no glitter.(strong look)

i have got present  kate brush from them . love it. it's sharp and soft .i use this for brown color.


~ brown color ~ (me)

~Black color~(Harriet)

They have 2 types of products. One is come with brush and another one are not. All products are long lasting and waterproof gel liner from kanebo KATE.Usually i have seen in brown ,black and dark blue in make up store.

Price : around 13500 myanmar kyats . (myanmar) find on : citymart and parkson 
         18 / 20 USD.
Packing : 3.5/5 
Texture : 4.5/5 
Scent : 3/5 

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